Monday, 18 July 2011

Tying the Knot in Dots!

More and more people have been coming into the shop to by bridal fabric.  Some are making all the outfits themselves whilst others are leaving the wedding dress to a professional and then making the bridesmaid dresses as a family. These are both ways of saving a lot of money whilst adding a more personal touch to a wedding.  However last week I learned  of something very interesting. A local couple are having a 1950's style wedding. Young ladies were browsing our pattern books pointing out  different styles to each other before running through our polka-dot section.

  Every bridal party in our shop has been excited, how could they not be?  However this group were very energized with the idea of making retro outfits for the event and then it hit me. A retro wedding will certainly stick in peoples memories. Also even if your guests do not want to create their own clothes, retro gear can be found relatively inexpensively (certainly cheaper than some of the dresses I've seen people  buy to attend weddings in). If your friends do choose to make their own outfits  then they are in for a world of fun. Retro fashion dresses tend to be simpler to make so even a novice dressmaker can proudly show off their creations, and the fabrics tend to be relatively  inexpensive.Also a themed wedding helps guests feel more confident about choosing what to wear.

  So if you're planning a wedding think about giving it a theme. It doesn't have to be retro, just make it fun.

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