Monday, 26 September 2011

Avhast! A simple Pirate Shirt

Much like our Pirate Pants tutorial this is not meant to replace the many fine pirate/poet shirt patterns available. This is a quick shirt top easily made out of poly cotton for someone with an emergency party crises.
For an Adult you will need:
Light weight fabric (poly cotton or cotton) 2.5m-3m
Ruller & Tape measure
1/4 elastic- 1m

Time-depending on how tidy you're planning on sewing 30 minutes to an hour
You will need your chest meauserment and the length of the shirt you require as well as your arm length.

Cut out two rectangles of fabric. The length should be the desired shirt length plus 10 cm and the width should be half your chest measurement plus 9 cm. If you're using 150cm wide fabric, or if you are petite then you should be able to fold the fabric in half, selvage to selvage and cut out both sections at once. 

Fold each section in half along the length and mark a mark in the middle of the top of each section. On both sections mark out 8 cm on either side of the dot. This is the start of your neckline.  on the section that will be your back draw a line 3 cm down from the dot and draw a curve for the back of your neck. On the front section draw a line 7.5 cm down from the centre and draw in the front neckline. Now make a slit for the from opening of your shirt about 10 cm down from the neck line. Hem the slit.

Right sides together sew the front and the back together at the shoulders. From the shoulder seam mark down 30 cm along the length of the front and back of the shirt and on both sides to make where the sleeves will go.  THe sleaves should be your arm length plus 5 cm and about 60 cm wide.

Right sides together pleat the sleeves  onto the body of the shirt and sew.

Right sides together line up the front and back panels pin and sew You're almost done. try on the shirt and check your sleeves. They will probably be very long  as the shoulders of a pirate shirt are far larger than a regular shirt, giving it the baggy effect. You can trim the sleeves to length (leaving enough fabric to make an elastic casing) or cut the sleeves a little longer so when they are pulled  up  your arms a pleasing baggy effect is created.

All that is left is a collar. Maure your neckline and take a rectanle of fabric  15 cm wide and 3 cm longer than your neckline. Press in the seam allowance on the short edges of the collar.

Fold the fabric in half along it's length and press.

Now unfold and fold both sides of the fabric so the edges of the sides are folded into the crease just pressed in.

Fold the fabric along the length again. Top stitch ont he neckline.

  Thread cord through if desired.

Wear with the pirate pants and any other acessories you may have at home for a cheap and quick Pirate outfit.

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