Monday, 7 November 2011

Having fun can be Murder

As we often point out the best thing about working at a great Fabric shop like Fabric8 is the customers. By the very nature of our work the customers we see tend to be very creative and always have fantastic ideas. I met one such customer last week. She was buying a feather boa and some Fun Fake Fur whilst looking at some rather nice fashion fabric. The lady explained that she used to find New Year Eve very stress full as she always wanted to host the perfect party. She found that no mater how well planned the food and drinks were when it came to the entertainment things sometimes fell flat.  That was when she decided to host a Murder Mystery party. This gave people a great reason to dress up, but more importantly it gave those who were a little shy the chance to interact with people without having to 'Break the ice'. I LOVE this idea. I've had a new years eve party which almost went quiet until we found some interactive games like Pictionary to get things going, but an evening dedicated to a bit of fun whilst encouraging  people to talk together sounds much better. Using a mystery that requires dressing up can also add a fun dimension to the evening and it gives people a project to work on in the quiet spell between Christmas and New Years Eve. You can do as little or as much work as you like when it comes to costuming, and as we pointed out in our wedding blog, costumes can again act as an ice breaker.  A Mystery party pack costs around £25 and there are many themes to choose from. There are also 2 free tester kits here .

 If a mystery party does not sound like your idea of fun then there is always the good old fashioned Fancy Dress party. Again people can put in as much or as little work as they like. Costumes will always add an element of fun to the evening especially if there is a a story behind why a certain costume was picked.  Most of the major pattern companies do a Fancy Dress range or people could always use our Free Patterns  for inspiration.
Sequins and Shiney Fabrics

Admittedly early November may seem a little early to prepare for New Years Eve, however we just thought it may be worth mentioning now before life gets really crazy with Christmas

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