Thursday, 12 July 2012

Circular needles
Circular needles are a pair of knitting needles with a piece of nylon or other smooth cord connecting them.
With a circular kitting needle you can can knit hats or snoods without the need for a stitched seam at the end.
Depending on the way the button bands and collars are knitted on a cardigan or jacket can also make a circular needle more appropriate.
They are available in different lengths depending on job.

40cm, 60cm, 80cm and 100cm

These are available in many different sizes of needles to cover the spectrum of different yarns.

Large number of stitches make it useful to use 1 circular needle as opposed to 4 standard knitting needles. e.g knitting a skirt or a yoke of jumper.

Although I have been knitting 30+ years it is only in the last decade have
I been more willing to use a circular needle and have found it is easier
in some situations.
The yolk of this silk sweater was knitted by the model  with a curricular needle 

One of the only drawbacks of using a circular needle is if you attempt to
use the wrong length. So as with all sewing and knitting projects, check and double check your measurements.

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