Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A simple Hot Water Bottle Cover

As it happens the snow is pelting down as I write this. I've been focusing on making things that could make suitable presents or useful in the colder weather, so the weather is quit fitting.  I've kept the design of this cover very simple for a reason. The cover has no fasteners at all, so there are no buttons  Velcro or ties to irritate the skin or to risk catching on your hands. Thus this hot water cosy is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

You will need;
Fleece (around 90cm by 25cm)
Thread Snips

I've made this particular cover out of blue fleece I happened to have at hand. For a more stylish cover you could use a patterned fleece .
You will need a strip of fleece a little wider than half the circumference of the hot water bottle when filled (measure with a tap measure and not a ruler). In this case my hot water bottle is 44 cm wide, I've added 2 cm for ease, and then a seam allowance (5/8 of an inch on either side). The strip should be twice the length of the bottle plus an extra half length.

Hem both of the shorter sides. To do this place the fabric right side down on a table and then turn over 5/8 of an inch to the wrong side, and then roll again so the raw edge is tucked away. Pin in place and top stitch.
Believe it or not you've almost finished.

Place the strip right side up and pop the water bottle on top. Line the bottle up so the bottom of the fleece folds up to the neck of the bottle. Mark on the fleece where the fold is. Then fold the top down over the top of the bottle giving it a little room (around 2 cm). Again mark where the fold is.

Your fleece should be marked like this.

Fold the top top part of the fleece over (right sides together) Using the mark as a guide to where to fold.

Now fold the bottom up, using the mark as a guide.

Check the dimensions by popping your water on top of the cover.

If everything fits pin the sides in place. You will notice there is a large area of over lap. This is what holds the cover in place when it is folded right side out. Stitch along the long sides.

Turn the cover right side out. You effectively have a little fleece envelop with a flap to open to slide your water bottle into.

And there you have it. One fleece cover with no fastenings to catch yourself with. WARNING time! DO NOT FILL YOUR BOTTLE WITH BOILING WATER. Bottles can leak, so don't use water hot enough to scald yourself! This may seem like a very simple cover, but I still believe it's the best. Brighten it up with some festive fleece or other fancy patterns.