Wednesday, 13 March 2013

How to quickly take in your trousers (or pants)

Many of us are having to "tighten our belts". In my case literally  as I'm losing a lot of weight (at last). Ideally I should make some new trousers however at the speed the weight is coming off they'd be too big for me soon. So to save money I'm taking my trousers in by 2 inches.  Taking in your trousers doesn't take too long and is pretty straight forward, especially if your waistband is in two halves joined in the middle, like these.
If your waistband is in one piece then you have the chose of either removing the waistband, and then shortening it or cutting the waistband in half at the back of the trousers  If you do this then ensure you ware taking the trousers in enough to give you a seam allowance on the two halves of the waistband.

You will need
a ruler
Thread Snips
Seam unpicker/ripper

Step one 
Unpick the waistband around the back seam of your trousers and unpick the seam at the centre of the back of your trousers from about half way down from the wast band to the centre of the crotch seam.

Step two
Right sides together pin the sides of the back of your trousers together, mark with chalk how far you want the trousers brought in. Remember any amount you mark is only HALF of what your trousers will be brought in by. Sew  a gently curving line from where the original seam ends to the mark where you want your trousers brought in by. Your trousers have now been reduced, all that remains is reattaching the waistband after it has been shortened.

Step three
Place the waistband on top of the trousers and mark where the back seam meats the waistband. Add a seam allowance and trim the excess waistband.With right sides together sew the waistband back together.

Step four
With right sides together sew the outside of the waistband to the back of the trousers. Press and then stitch carefully on the outside of the trousers just under where the waistband meats the trousers. This stitches the inside of the waistband to the inside of the trousers.

Things to think about.
This is a very quick way to take in your trousers. However there are some things to be careful of.

Ensure the back  pockets are not sewn over.

Within the waistband of the trousers you will find either a cotton tape or petersham waistband. This is what stops the waistband stretching out. Ensure this is stitched together when you sew the two halves of the waistband together. Also if this is lose in the waistband make sure it does not twist. Otherwise your trousers an become uncomfortable.

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