Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Fun Projects for the Holidays

The Summer holidays have begun, and in our Colchester and Felixstowe fabric and haberdashery shops have already noticed families coming in for supplies. We always love helping people out with their projects, and it's always especially nice seeing younger people enter the world of sewing, knitting and crafting. We sell handy little packs of bunting, or beginners sewing kits in the shop and would encourage anyone near Colchester or Felixstowe to pop in for a visit.

However we like to help people all over the world as well. The web shop has been down for a stock check and will be up and running soon. Until then we have our blogs to give you ideas for fun sewing projects to keep the kids (or you) entertained over the holidays.

How to make a carrier bag holder. This project is very simple to make. The tutorial explains how to make a  French seam, you don't HAVE to use a French seam but it's a handy thing to learn. It also has a very strong environmental message. You can recycle old fabric to make this project, which then helps you recycle your old carrier bags.

How to make a Kindle or Tablet cover.Many people seem to be getting all sorts of high tech gadgets. This projects teaches you how to make a protective case for kindles, tablets and other gadgets. It's also a fantastic introduction to the effects you can make with a padded case.
How to make a petticoat or Tutu.  Petticoats are not only great for a dressing up box for your own  fairy princess. Petticoats and tutu's are becoming "must have" things to wear at music festivals this year. This project teaches you how to make a petticoat which can be layered and built up over time. You can also make a VERY quick petticoat as well.

A non sewing cushion cover. Sometimes it's encouraging to make a project that is useful and beautiful without having to learn sewing first. This cushion cover just needs fleece and scissors. You can make the cover in any size, so if you don't have a cushion pad at hand you can use an old pillow. Ever wanted to get boys interested in sewing? Mix the colours of the fleece to match a favorite football or formula one team.

How to make a circle skirt.  A circle skirt does not always require a pattern. This tutorial shows you how to make a custom made circle skirt (that would fit perfectly over a petticoat). Circle skirts are fun and easy to make and show how you can use maths in the real world.

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