Saturday, 14 September 2013

So what is this Steampunk on your website?

The eagle eyed visiting our website may notice a new section under "Fashion Fabrics". We now have a "Steampunk  and Alternative fabrics" section. So what is Steampunk and what is Alternative?

If you ask 10  Steampunks to describe what steampunk is you will probably get 10 answers.  For me the best description is "A Victorian's vision of the future". The Victorians had no idea of aeroplanes but they knew of balloons and were working on the fundamentals of Airships.  So in the Steampunk world we may find airship pirates for example. With this vision in mind people have created amazing fashion, literature and music.

  • So what makes a fabric Steampunk?  Just about any fabric can be used in any context, but there are some fabrics that just scream out to be used in a Steampunk creation. Metallic fabrics are popular as are the more natural colours such as brown, olive, cream and so on. (there is a little joke in the community that Steampunks are Goths who have discovered the colour brown).
This Bella Angelic would make a stunning skirt or long coat for example. 

Fabrics with patterns from the Victorian era are also often used in steampunk couture. Paisleys and stripes can add a classical touch to any clothing project, such as this "Spice Trail" design in nutmeg.

Map Fabrics can be inspiring in any design. Some of the best projects take fabrics and use them in ways not originally envision, such as this furnishing fabric. 

Other times you may wish to use a scene or vista that inspired by the technology and industry of the Victorian era. For example this vintage hot air balloon fabric.

Ultimately it is not what you use  but how you use it. Mix and match, take chances and explore. 

We intend to expand on the idea of grouping fabrics together as time continues. Maybe a re-enactment section or a LARP section? What sections would you like to find on the Fabric8 website?

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