Monday, 16 March 2015

Blackout lining your curtains

Yep I've been a TOTAL man and failed to multi task. The world of Fabric8 has been an interesting one lately. Whilst we sadly had to say farewell to Felixstowe out Colchester branch is expanding it's services. We now run some superb sewing classes (more on them in our next blog) as well as expanding and improving our fabric website . With so much going on this blog fell to the side a little, but it  was never far from my thoughts. During this time I have been preparing a few tutorials for you such as how to shorten curtains, fun sewing projects for kids and some patch working tips. All of these in the coming weeks.

  So where to begin with the first blog of the year? I took inspiration from our shop window this week. In previous blogs we've looked at why you should line your curtains , what kinds of curtain linings are out there and how to line your curtains.

Lately we've been focusing on blackout lining. Check out these examples of regular curtain lining and blackout lining.

Curtain WITH Blackout Lining
Curtain WITHOUT Blackout Lining 

As you will have noticed you can still clearly see the pattern of the curtain with the regular lining clearly through the reverse side of the curtain. The blackout lining however totally blocks everything out. So what are the advantages to blackout lining?

1) If you have children they may stay in bed a little longer giving you the lay in you deserve.

2) Blackout Lining reflects heat as well as light helping you reduce your fuel bills.

3) Blackout lining is slightly heavier than ordinary lining and helps your curtains hang straight making your curtains look even better!

4) Blackout Lining is durable. With proper care you wouldn't need to change your curtains for many years to come.

So if you ever visit us and talk about curtains you hopefully will understand our love for blackout lining

Take care and I promise not to leave it so long before the next update.

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