Friday, 19 June 2015

Getting the most of your Sewing Shop.

Whilst trying to think about  what to blog about today I received a lovely tweet.

we've got a lot of fun & out of the materials we bought ...

It really is heart warming when  we see people use our stock for their projects. However we can do more than just sell you fabric, needles and threads. Many of our staff are skilled in all areas of sewing, knitting and crafting. From our curtain making department upstairs to our quilting and bridal wear on the landing right through the dressmaking and knitting sections of the ground floor.  We can often give you tips and tricks, however for those not lucky enough to be able to pop in to the shop we present some tips here.

If you can't find it, ask.

This is something that's true for our on-line fabric shop and the bricks and mortar store in Colchester. We go through great pains to make things easy to find but sometimes we may know where to find a fabric or bit of habby in seconds. If we can't find what you need we can always offer alternatives or order in what ever you need.

Feel free to say what you are trying to make or fix.

Many of the staff have years of experience in the fields of sewing and crafting. As a result they can help you choose what fabrics suit your project best.

You can use quilting fabric and curtain fabric in dressmaking.

Our quilting fabric section has all manner of beautiful cotton fabrics with amazing patterns. The same is true of our curtain department and you can actually use these fabrics for dresses, jackets, waistcoats and anything your imagination can think of.

If your sewing machine stops working try re-threading and changing the needle.

Last week we gave you some tips on using your sewing machine. Trust us all too often people tell us their machine is skipping stitches, or damaging fabric. Most of the time these issues can be fixed with changing the sewing needle.

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