Friday, 31 August 2012

A quick and easy Gymbag

 As we aproach the start of a new term we begin to get parents coming into the shop asking for help. Many schools say that the children need a drawstring bag to keep thier gym shoes in. Such bags can be tricky to find but they are simple to make. A lot of schools have no uniform colour scheme for such bags so you can make one out of fun and funky fabric to keep your little one in good cheer.

  As with other simple projects I've included a little extra technique that can help make your sewing neater and longer lasting. In this case I'm referring to the bias binding. You don't need to do this but it may be a good chance to give it a go on a simple project.

You will need
Fabric -2 rectangles of fabric approximately 30cm by 45cm
Bias Binding 
Cord or ribbon for the draw string.

Place the rectangles on top of each other so all the sides match. Pin and sew one of the shorter sides. Use a seam allowance of 5/8th on an inch. Press the seam out flat

Bias Binding  has a crease along the middle of the ribbon. This makes it much easier to wrap the bias around one of the raw edges of the  seam. carefully sew along the the bias making sure it's secure along the  raw edge of the fabric. This will protect the seam from wear .
Repeat the process for the other side of the seam

Sew along the longer sides and repeat the seam binding.

Fold the fabric down over itself twice as in the picture. This will create the casing for the draw string. Pop the seam open with a seam unpick-er to allow enough space for the cord. pin a safety pin to the cord and use this to help guide the cord though the casing. and there you have it, a very quick and easy bag.

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