Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The improved Velcro Cable Tie

A while ago I made a few cable ties out of Velcro (or other Hook/Loop tape). These worked very well but I've been thinking of a few improvements.

To begin with you will need.
Velcro loop (fuzzy side) 16cm
Velcro hook (bristly side) 6 cm
Narrow Elastic (around 11cm
Ribbon same width as Velcro or a little l narrower, 2 cm longer than your fuzzy loop side (so around 18 cm)
Sewing Needle

Make a loop with the elastic and sew it on the reverse side (smooth side) of the strip of "Loop" Velcro

Turn the ribbon over for 1 cm at raw edge and sew onto the reverse side of the loop Velcro, As you get to the end of the strip turn the Velcro under on this edge too, so no raw edges are visible.
Sew the strip of bristly "hook" Velcro over the ribbon at one end. Here I sewed it on the opposite side of loop of eleastic. I've sicne descided that's a mistake, (see everyone makes them from time to time). It is better to have the Velcro next to the loop.

The elastic loop is to slip over the plug. This keeps the  cable tie in place when it isn't wrapped around the cable. I've found that this works a lot easier of the loop of elastic and the bristly Velcro are NEXT to each other.

And why are we using ribbon? Well for one it's prettier than just the backing of the Velcro. But also this means you can colour code your cable ties. Make a whole batch of red for example and use them for all the sound cables you need, and another colour for computer cables. This way you keep your draw or other storage vessel   tidy and you don't need to pull out all the cables trying to find the one you need.

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