Monday, 17 June 2013

Ten Minute Tutu!

In our last blog post we showed you how to sew an exquisite petticoat or tutu. Whilst this is my preferred method of making a petticoat we all sometimes find the need to make whip up an outfit quickly, maybe for a party. This method enables you to to make a petticoat from start to finish in 10 minutes!

You will need 2-3 meters of dress net
Elastic or cotton tape
Safety pin

Dress net tends to come folded in half along the length. Keep the net folded like this and sew the net around 2.5 cm (or an inch) from the fold right down the length.

Pin the safety pin to the tap (or elastic) and thread the tape right through the casing you've created. The tape should be your waist size plus around 50 cm for making a pretty bow.

Wrap the cord around the waist and pull the netting to form neat gathers. and hey presto, a 10 minute tutu. If you have more time you could make the tutu shorter by cutting it in half along the length, and then folding in half again, doing this you could half the amount of dress net needed (or make the petti even more full).

Happy sewing, and happy partying :)

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