Monday, 13 January 2014

Low cost fabrics in our sale!

Everyone in our Colchester and Felixstowe Fabric8 stores have been very busy these last few weeks. Christmas is always a very busy time for us, not just because of the festive rush but also because we start thinking of what we will stock in the year to come. In years gone by we would  also be planing a new year sale. We haven't had one for a while and so we thought it was time to bring it back, with a twist.

In the past our sales were on a selection of fabrics, normally older stock. However these days stock doesn't tend to hang around for years on end. Thus we've decided ALL dressmaking fabric, quilting fabric and furnishing fabric are to be included in the sale.  This includes some very new stock, such as this beautiful "Vintage Balloons fabric". Ideal for curtains this fabric was £25.95 a metre but is now only £18.17.

This Moto Rally fabric was £14.00 but is now only £9.80.

So if you have a furnishing project or dressmaking project you've been putting off now may be an ideal time to look at it again..

It's not just fancy and flashing fabrics in the sale. Basic stock items such as dress lining, poly cotton and plain cottons are also in the sale.  Quite a few people have popped into the shop or placed web orders to stock up on the basic essentials that we all know we will need through the year.