Wednesday, 6 July 2011

We're SALE-ING Away

We're having our annual sale in store.  Picking which fabrics belong in a sale sometimes isn't clear cut. Some stores just pop anything in the sales that they have too much of, or that they've had too long. Other shops put stock in sale they don't like any more. We can't even conceive of that! Asking us to name the fabrics we don't like would be harder than asking a loving parent which of their kids is the ugly one.  However we think our customers deserve a sale and not one just filled with any old tat. And so we deliver a sale filled with some very high quality fabrics to give people a chance to play and experiment with textiles they would normally be afraid to play with.
I can't put the whole sale here it will take forever, but here ae a few choice fabrics that I like personally.

Light weight silk £3.50 a meter

Medium weight silks from £10.00 a meter
And for the steam punks out there
Bronze poly taffeta £1.00 a meter
  There  are loads more in store, brocades, silks poly taffeta and cottons all going incredibly cheaply to give everyone the chance to play and explore new textiles.

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