Monday, 30 January 2012

Spring Cleaning

With the madness of the Festive sewing behind  us we can now ll look forward to creating some fantastic things for Spring. We've been spring cleaning ourselves, in the shops and metaphorically as well. You may have noticed less social media output from us in the last month. That's because the team have been spending their time expanding the website which will be relaunched soon.

 Spring cleaning and organization can be the greatest aide to your productivity. Keeping your sewing area tidy and prepared can make sewing not just quicker but more of a joy. I have to admit I've let my sewing  room slip... A LOT. Sewing in an untidy studio will always slow you down. Unfortunately Sewing in a rush makes your studio untidy. it's a deadly cycle. My studio got into a disgraceful state when trying to sew Christmas presents with a bad back.

Hardly making me want to sew

Rubish bin over flowing, Mess is often caused by rushing work

My own personal snake nest of cables
I know, it's embarrassing. Amongst my friends I'm renowned for being able to put together a waistcoat in a couple of hours. But now It would take a couple of hours (and a machete) to reach my sewing desk. Therefore a great tidy up is in order, but just tidying isn't enough,  everything needs to have a place to be kept and still be easy to reach. I shall pop a blog up each day showing one or two of the techniques I've developed to keep things in an orderly way. However a simple case of refolding your fabric can make things look a lot more inviting AND you may discover a few long forgotten gems in your textile pile.

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