Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I'm Sale-ing Away...

Ok sorry for the bad pun but the Eric Cartman version of that song has been going through my mind all day.

It's that time of the year again, where both the Felixstowe and Colchester branches of Fabric8 are holding a sale.  I've blogged before about the philosophy  of the sale. This time I wanb to talk about some of the best ways to take advantage of them. With savings of 25 and 30% you now have the opportunity to use some textiles that may have been out of your price range before.  The sale covers not just fashion fabrics and craft fabrics but also the furnishing fabrics. So this is the perfect time to pop into the shop and think of curtains, seat covers, blinds or anything that requires a lot of fabric.

In the past I've picked up over 100 meters of fabric in the sale to have just in case a suitable project came along. I know I'm lucky with the amount of space I have to store fabrics, however even if you haven't got much space the thinner fabrics can still be worth getting hold of.

Translucent lylic vine leaf organza. The leaves are embroidered onto a shimmering see though fabric. I've used this fabric in wedding dresses as an over skirt over the silk. If you're carefull you can trim the backing fabric off, leaving you with the vine leaves which you can then sew onto the garment, so they seam to spread from the overskirt to the bodice. Now only £6.60 per meter.

More leaves on Organza. Gold leaves in flock over a shimmering gold organza. Light and floaty this has many uses. From laying over costumes to using as net curtains or bed curtains. We have gold, red and burgundy in the sale. I used the black to match some curtains.

We also have a black organza with gems. This fabric can be expensive but in the sale is only  £3.08 per meter. Perfect to have on hand for Halloween,  These are just a few of the fabrics we have on sale. Pop in and  check out the silks, cottons and all the other textiles, even if you have no particular project in mind  you may be struck by some inspiration. 

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