Sunday, 25 November 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas for Sewers and Crafters.

Although this blog is connected to a real physical shop it is not about selling things. The mission statement at Fabric8 is to inspire and this blog is an extension of this philosophy. Over the last year I've blogged about the textile industry as well as tutorials for sewing projects and ideas to help you enjoy your sewing more. We are here to help and not just to sell. However this Saturday I helped serve several people looking for gifts for friends who sewed. And so I thought I'd share the advice I gave them here today.

  To me the greatest gifts are gifts that keep on giving. in the case of sewers, knitters and crafters this can mean some tools that make the task of creating easier and more of a joy. There are many tools that make our lives easier but which we always put off buying for ourselves.

  A classic item that can be of great use to the sewing and crafting fanatic is a good quality pair of scissors or shears.  The two typical sorts of scissors are the hard grip and soft flexi grips. As to which is best I think it boils down to personal taste.  Left handed  scissors  are a perfect gift for south paws.

If you are buying scissors then I have to recommend embroidery scissors. These are not only better for needle point and cutting threads close to the fabric but they also help make your larger scissors last longer. If you use regular scissors to snip lose threads you will wear a blunt patch into the blades. Using a pair of embroidery snips for this purpose will make your main scissors last years longer.

 Pinking shears are another tool we often are guilty of trying to make do without. The sharp zig zag pattern provided by pinking shears is not only decorative.  Fabric is less likely to fray when cut with pinking shears, making them the perfect tool for projects such as bunting. 

If you have a friend who is an all round crafty person then they'd love a magnifying daylight lamp. The daylight simulation bulb of the Purelite lamp  helps the cunning crafter select the correct colour threads or work close up without straining their eyes. Useful not just for sewers and quilters but also card makers beaders and cross switchers or any hobbies and crafts.

You really don't need to spend much money at all to give a thoughtful gift. Many sewers make do with one colour of Tailors chalk. Having multiple colours can make marking out a pattern much easier by letting  you select a different colour for different features, such as doing darts in blue, pockets n red etc. at only £3.83 this little pack of 4 colours of chalks makes a great little stocking filler.

 An interesting item is the quilter's block viewer. This handy little gadget can give  you a sneak preview of how an entire quilt will look based on just one small section.

So there are a few examples of gifts for your sewing friends  Of course you don't have to spend money to give great gifts, you can make something personal and heart felt. Just check out the tutorials on our blogs such as;

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and for your geek friends Custom made reusable cable ties.

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