Monday, 17 December 2012

Our thoughts at the end of the year.

Of late these blogs have mainly been tutorials for sewing projects. However when they  began they also included views from and of the  textile world. This entry is our little wrap up of the year.

Gathered around a Christmas meal organized by our newly promoted manager,  we took stock of the last 12 months. We also spoke about how much we enjoy our work, and why we enjoy it. Good workmates obviously help, as does creative management. But there is also something inherently good about working in our field, mean people tend not to sew or knit. All of our customers are -by the very nature of requiring supplies form us- creative and imaginative. They all have a wonderful drive to create, to fashion something new into this world. This is why we changed the name of the shop 3 years ago. We used to be "The Remnant Shop" and under this name we carried similar  stock to what we have now, but we were well known for having a LOT of remnants. But we came to realize that what we stocked wasn't as important as what we enable people to do, and that is simply to create. Hence the new name Fabric8, we sell fabric to help you fabricate new things into our world.

  In the last 12 months our customers have been as creative as ever, and we've adapted to help them. We now stock much more knitting wool and knitting tools for instance. We've held sales and maintain a clearance section on our website to help people try out new ideas without so much financial risk. We now carry more woolen fabrics for the reenactors who visit  us.  For those who come to us to make smaller craft projects like fascinators and hats we have added more clips, feathers glues to our range.

We even stock daylight simulating work lights and magnifiers to make it easier to work where ever you wish.

  However this blog isn't just about our wonderful little shop, the shop each and every staff member is determined to make into the best fabric and haberdashery shop in the world. It is about you. This blog is read by people from all over the world, people who can't visit us in person. Some still visit our website, but you  don't need to order from us to use this blog. We're excited by the idea of people near and far becoming more creative and we see it as our mission to inspire and help them in every way. And so as Christmas comes near and the year draws to a close we ask this, how can we help? Feel free to ask for help with  your projects, if you're struggling others may be too. And please share the information in the blogs. And thank you for visiting us, whether it would be the website, the shops out there in the real world, our Twitter feed or our Facebook, we really do appreciate it.
Merry Christmas to you all, or winter festival of your choice, and a happy new year.

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