Friday, 1 March 2013

Choosing Curtain Headings

Many people feel a sense of trepidation when measuring up for their curtains. One thing people often seem to worry about is whether they have allowed for enough "gather" for their curtains.   It's understandable, people take great pains to choose their curtain fabric and they don't want to have to buy too much, or have too little and  need the curtains to be remade.

The amount of gather you need for an attractive fullness mainly depends on your choice of curtain heading tape. The main four are shown here, starting from the top left and going clockwise they are Eyelet, Pencil Pleat  Pinch pleat and Goblet Pleat.  The choice of curtain heading can radically alter the final look of your curtains and really should be thought about as you pick your curtain fabric

Eyelet headers can only be used with a pole and not tracking. Light will shine through the eyelets as well  making it unsuitable if you need to totally block any light.  You will need your curtains to be twice the width of your curtain pole.
Pencil pleats are a more traditional curtain header. Here the amount of gather can be varied a little, however the curtain look f far nicer with the full possible gather of two and a half times the length of your curtain pole. 

Pinch pleats can give a very sophisticated look to plain fabric, becoming the main feature of the curtain itself. This sort of pleating suits  curtain tracking more than a curtain pole. Your curtains will need to be two and a quarter times the length of your curtain tracking for these pleats.

Goblet pleats will also give a curtain a regal feel.  look. Again suitable for plainer fabrics on curtain tracking without  where the pleats will be more easily seen. Goblet pleats also require your fabric to be 2 and a quarter times the width of your tracking.

So there are the four main curtain headers. You can also stylise your home even further with your choice of  curtain tiebacks. And remember if you are in ANY doubt at all your local Fabric8 shop will be more than happy to help you. 

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