Friday, 31 October 2014

Our Fabric Web Shop.

Disney Princess fabric from our website
We've been running this blog for a few years now, and much has changed in this time. Our shops have become more modern with knitting sections now included and sewing classes now being held.

Our website has also been through some changes. Our old site worked but it was held together with the coding equivalent of sticky tape and bubble gum. The new site is linked into our database in the shop so we can't accidentally offer a product that we've sold out of. However due to a few teething problems we were without a site for a few months, and so now we have to attract visitors and customers all over again.

The sagely Almond Rock suggested "bread Crumbs" this is a facility to allow people to see where the product they are viewing is in relation to other categories. We've just implemented this, but we are always looking for ideas to help serve our customers better. Take a quick look at our website and leave any comments about what YOU would like to see done there.

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