Thursday, 14 February 2013

A tutu for your vase

Many people suddenly find themselves with more flowers than normal this time of year. I always struggle with getting flowers because I never have any vases handy. I normally end up using a jam jar or pasta jar, which can spoil the look of a gift of flowers. I saw a florist display flowers in a jar surrounded by organza and so I thought I would have a go at making one of these myself.

You will need
1 metre of Organza
Sewing Needle
Thread Snips

The vase cover is effectively a tube of Organza. I cut the organza to a 1 metre by 1 metre square. I decided to use either a flat fell seam or French seam. Both start by pinning the fabric WRONG sides together. Sew these sides together.

 Press the seams to one side.

Now fold the fabric inside out and pin along the seam again, this time RIGHT sides together. This traps the raw seam into a little tunnel of fabric.

You should now have the seam like this, where the raw edge is kept hidden within the french seam. You can then press this seam flat and sew it down, making it a flat fell seam
  You can then press this seam flat and sew it down, making it a flat fell seam.

 Hem the remaining edges. This is simple a case of folding the fabric up by about 1 cm, and then folding it up again by 1 cm, leaving the raw edges trapped within the hem.

Now fold the tube half within itself, so at one end you have a fold and at the other end of the tube you have both hems. place an elastic band around this tube and slide it over your jar or vase.

I'm no great flower arranger, but I think this method can help not only turn a jar into an attractive vase but also help you tie together your floral display with your rooms decor.

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