Monday, 29 April 2013

Why do we love Rico Wool so much?

  Sewing and knitting are back in fashion (to my mind they were never out of fashion). People are starting to realise that creating your own clothes and accessories is without doubt the finniest way to express themselves. If you are tempted to take up kitting and crochet there are many knitting books and crochet books out there to guide you.

What many people  new to knitting and sewing may not realise is that you can create truly dazzling and unique things with only basic techniques. My waistcoats often receive compliments  but the pattern is basic, it's the choice of fabrics that sets them apart. And so it is with knitting. Rico do a huge range of yarns than enable to create breath taking tops, bags scarves, hats and so much more using pretty basic techniques. The secret is in the yarn!

Rico Creative Cotton
The crochet and craft yearn. Rico Creative Cotton is the yarn of choice for making household items as well as the popular Patchwork Family Crochet animals. knitting  as well as crochet. It forms a firm fabric with an even tension and is very comfortable to wear.

£1.99 for 50g

Rico Essentials Cotton Lurex
A fine cotton yarn, however this also has metallic lurex thread giving your project a glittering effect.

£3.69 for 50g

Rico Essentials Merino
An ultra fine DK (double Knit). Easy to knit with this yarn is renowned for giving very even knitting.

£3.99  for 50g

Rico Creative Pompom Print 
One of the more unusual yarns out there.  Useful for knitting truly unusual scarves or very cute tops and blankets.

Rico Creative Big Moment
Just one of these giant 200g balls will give you a beautiful scarf. The soft thick yarn subtly changes colour along it's length giving your work a soft cuddly and dreamy feel to it.

£14.99 for 200g

Rico Creative Micro Print
Another colour changing yarn. This acrylic yarn makes light and comfortable clothes  that are also easy to care for.

£4.99 for 100g

Rico Creative Reflection 
A light weight shimmering thread, available in regular or colour changing.
Clothes knitted from this thread take on a  beautiful  ethereal quality as the glimmer and shimmer in the light.

£3.49 for 50g

Rico Creative Filz Print
A strange little yarn. it has a very lose twist to it. Designed to be knitted up and the washed to turn it into felt.

£2.99 for 50g

Rico Creative Loopy-Pompom
Combining loopy yarn with pompom yarn.
Perfect for lightweight scarves for the spring and summer. In the brighter colours this also makes fantastic clubwear!

£6.99 for 100g

As you can see there are many types of yarn out there, each with their  own unique uses giving very different results. If you are new to knitting and crochet, or if you want to expand your horizons in the realm of crafting , we recommend just getting a few balls of yarn and playing. Playing around with fabrics and yarns is not only fun, it's the best way to learn and discover new techniques.


  1. My mum got me some Rico cotton from your store to make her a doily, it's such a nice yarn.

  2. I'm glad you like it, by the way your blog is most awesome, LOVE the Deadpool squirrel :)