Saturday, 31 August 2013

Back to School

For the first time in a while the Summer holidays actually felt like they took place in Summer.  With luck the kids going back to school next week will be taking their first steps into a whole new adventure. If they are lucky enough to be taught textiles there may be a few things it's worth packing them to school with.
  Tailors Chalk in a handy hard plastic case. Having multiple colours really helps when tracing out a pattern. One colour can be the seam, the other darts the other pockets and so on. Having your own means not having to wait for the class chalk to come around.

A tape measure is always handy in class. Small and easy to carry and yet will again save you having to wait for the class tape to come around.

Wundaweb Instant hemming tape .Beloved by Gok Wan and anyone with shorter than expected legs. Perfect for taking up school uniforms but not so permanent that they can't be let down as the kids grow.

Labelling pen for school uniforms and P.E. Kit. Easy to use, just write as you would with a  regular pen, only this pen will not wash out.

Four very cheap and simple things that can make textile classes a little easier, or make your job of getting the uniform and kit ready for school a LOT easier.
Pop into the shop for more help and inspiration, remember we're in Colchester AND  Felixstowe.

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