Friday, 9 August 2013

Sewing For Going to Festivals

I Love festivals, be they comedy, historical or musical. Every year I head to Wave Gothic Treffen in Liepzig in Germany. Being a Goth and Steam Punk festival it makes sense that sewing fanatics have a ball preparing for this festival. However you can use your sewing skills for other festivals as well.
  Many festivals these days have a theme, for instance Standon Calling had the theme of "Running away from the Circus. " Themes  like this are useful as you can fit in with just a little face paint, or you can make yourself something spectacular.

This family of escapee  clowns were costumed very easily and in affordable style with  help from this blog.
A quick petticoat pattern,
a harem pants pattern,
and a circle skirt pattern
with some dress net and polycotton and voila, a family of clowns costumed in a day.

But preparing for a festival isn't just limited to sewing costumes. Think about where you can sew a quick hidden pocket with a Velcro fastener. I put one on the inside of my shirt just large enough to keep an emergency £20 note.

You can always use fabric paints and markers to put a design onto your clothes as well.

If you're taking kids with you use a marker pen to not only write their name on their clothes labels but also your mobile number. (Speaking of phones, if you have one with a camera take a shot each morning of them in their festival gear. It's a nice memento but also you can show it  to the security guards at a festival if you get separated.).  You could easily make a comfortable wrist band out of cotton or poly cotton, fastened with Velcro with your contact info on for them to wear as well.

Remember to enjoy your festival going, aim to look fantastic, but remember you're there to have fun!

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