Monday, 3 August 2015

All good things...

I've been writing these blogs on behalf of the shop I work in for 4 years or so now. During that time I've had so much lovely feedback from people saying we helped them get into sewing. We've covered many topics and had great fun but one post felt dreadful to write. Last November we had to announce our Felixstowe branch was closing down. Telling people about the loss of a local service and the lose of jobs was thoroughly heartbreaking. Now only a few months later we have to announce that our Colchester branch is now closing as well.

I'll leave the fine details to the press release written by a smarter man than I. Read below.

Colchester Shop to close after 20 years of trading in the town

A well known family business that has been serving the people of Colchester 

since 1995 is to close its doors for the last time at the end of September.

Fabric8, originally opened its doors as “The Remnant Shop” and sold fabrics 

and haberdashery of all kinds. In recent years they added a curtain making 

service as well as sewing classes and even threw Children’s activity parties.

Owner Robert Bamberger is deeply saddened by the need to close as the 

business has been in the family for three generations, originally opening its 

doors in Felixstowe in 1944. He has put the need to close down to a number of 

reasons but there are two that stand out. Perhaps the most significant factor 

has been the change in shopping habits caused by the rise of the internet. “As 

a result” he said, “The High St as we know it is changing rapidly. More and 

more people use the town centre for social reasons rather than to buy the 

things they need at home. The growth in the number of coffee shops, bars and 

restaurants reflects this”

The second factor has been the lack of support they received from the Bank, 

who, recognising that the business was in difficulty, rather than trying to help 

and support them in a time of transition as directed by the government chose 

instead to actively make trade harder and harder in effect forcing the closure 

of a business that was just beginning to turn the corner. 

“We were seeing the seeds of tangible growth but it was all too slow for them” 

said Mr Bamberger and “the decision had to be made”

“The Business has been open a long time” he added, “but times change and 

nothing lasts forever” He thanked his customers, staff and suppliers for the 

overwhelming support he received over the years.

That basically covers it. We will be having a Sale of course and I'll still  do a few more blogs as we say goodbye to each other.  On a personal note I really do need to thank the company for 7 years of happy employment. They took a disabled guy and gave him a chance when  no one else would. This little shop has turned the lives around for so many people, we even have one happily married couple who met working here!
So for now that is all, We will of course keep you all up to date with final closing times and let you know of any special offers in the sale.
Warmest regards
Fabric8's web bloke.